A History of Ties

Between the beginning of September and the end of the year, when weather conditions are less suitable for activities on wind farms in operation, we organize indoor discussions with “our” elected officials. We call them “Boralex Get-Togethers.” Our goal is to develop ties and a space for simple and authentic dialogue for those who have implemented wind power projects on their territories. For both them and us, it has become essential to focus on this initiative.

There were no presentations projected on to screens or planned speeches; the goal was people-centred. We ensured that each elected official could find the information they needed and could provide input on topics they were interested in, and that we took note of good ideas that were put forward together. We addressed operational questions, such as TV reception antennas and the widening of communal roads. Once these technical items were covered, we then addressed substantive issues. We discussed the profound changes in the energy model, such as these new fields of application: smart grids. These new devices are almost invisible to the naked eye. They will soon be implemented in the heart of the territories. Who better than elected officials to explain to inhabitants; who better than us to show them. The energy transition also involves education. Boralex’s teams tackle it all year long with commitment. And, each fall, the bonds between us tighten on the occasion of the “ Boralex Get-Togethers