Shadowing Milena

Pilote  # Sur les pas de Milena

Milena arrived at Boralex at the beginning of the summer. The Construction team was looking for several people to strengthen its staff in order to meet the construction schedule over the next few years. As the recruitment “process” requires, she first met with all departments. We met on this occasion. When we asked her if we could monitor her integration and immersion at Boralex and tell her story on the blog, she naturally agreed.

Episode 1 # Her Arrival

Milena is the type of person who knows what she wants. And in this case, what she always wanted to do is work in wind power. After her first experience in Gaspésie, Quebec (she wears a hoodie with a beautiful wind turbine drawing on her back as a souvenir), she naturally headed in our direction. Originally from Périgord, based in Lyon, she plans to supervise wind farms in Hauts de France. Was she going to like these geographical changes? How was she going to take on new duties in an exclusively male environment? Less than a month after she was hired, when she passed around a thank you card to a trainee at the end of her studies with us, I realized she was not the kind of person to ask such questions…


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