Wind Turbines: Our Machines

Owners of our wind farms, we apply an industrial strategy specific to us, based on the management of our assets. This vision, supported by Boralex’s management choices, is applied on a daily basis to the organization of operations. It is also supported by a state of mind.

Our versatile operation technicians work in pairs (at least) for all types of maintenance on our wind farms and solar power stations from one of our maintenance sites. Over the years, they acquire field experience, from which their specialties emerge (in hydraulics, mechanics or electricity). In our view, their expertise is something unique. They also demonstrate their versatility beyond machines by maintaining platform edges and speaking with residents. So, the connection is there and the affection for wind farms very real. Occasionally, something unexpected happens when a technician talks about wind turbines. Asked about the why and how of machines, their speech becomes easier and spontaneous. Their words are precise. There’s the assurance of those who feel machines in their belly—a story of guts beyond the nuts and bolts! And then they’re reserved and modest, since they don’t want to give the impression of doing too much. There’s nothing really technical in those moments.

Boralex owns the wind farms it operates. This is one of our differences.


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